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Densizer - Sharp classifications by size or density

Flat Bottom - For removal of organics (Lites Out configuration), restricted head room or difficult to flow materials.

Characteristics of Densizer Applications

  • Application requires a sharp separation.
  • Classification range (for 2.7 sg material) is 20 to 200 mesh.
  • Customer wishes to separate two materials of different specific gravities.

Theory of Operation

  1. Feed enters the unit at 35 to 65% w/w
  2. Water is injected to produce a rising current
  3. The interaction of particles with the rising current forms a dense “teetered” bed of solids.

Teetering Bed in a Densizer

Theory of Operation

  • 4. Particles with hindered settling velocities less than the rising current (e.g. lighter gravity or finer sizes) rise to the top and are discharged over the weir.
  • 5. Coarser and heavier gravity particles are discharged through a pinch valve.

Sizing Up the Situation

Sizing Up the Situation

Sizing Up the Situation

Rules of Thumb

For size classification at 30 mesh, 3 to 3.5 TPH of dry solids per square foot.

The smaller the cut size, the more area required for any given tonnage. A 140 mesh cut could be limited to 1 to 1.5 TPH per square foot.

Separation of two minerals by gravity works best when the specific gravties differ by at least 0.7.

Fitting the Densizer into the Plant

  • Feed solids concentration must be 35 to 65% w/w
  • Teeter Water does not need to be clean
  • Underflow ranges from 65 to 80% solids by weight
  • Installations are commonly 30’ to 40’ tall


  • High Capacity: Relatively small floor space for effecting sharp 20 to 200 mesh cuts.
  • Low Maintenance: Low internal velocities minimize wear
  • Online Control of Separation: Operator can change product to satisfy new specifications by simply keying in a new setpoint.
  • Classification is Automatically Maintained: Operator is guaranteed product consistency.