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Company was established in 1996 started with only fabrication process. Later on company has developed their designing skills and developed innovative products for Mixing, Conveying, Filtration, Drying etc. Company is also representing different companies from international market.


Technological innovative product developer for each problem companies are facing in production line.
Make optimum mechanical design instruments and save Energy


Reach out in the market with best technological innovative solution.

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J.M.E is a team of technocrats and professionals, who, based on their research and technology oriented approach and smart ideas, can increase your profit in unit operations of Filtration, Evaporation, Drying and Agitation by designing and engineering the most efficient systems. In short, J.M.E is a potential partner to all your process equipment needs.

J.M.E team have decades of proven experience in design, manufacture, commissioning and after sales service specialized mixing system catering to the needs of Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & bulk drugs, Biotechnology, Polymerizations, Paint & Varnish, Ink & Resin, Dyes & Intermediates, Pulp & Paper, Portable/Waste water treatment, etc.

J.M.E expert can also do the FREE Energy & Mixing audit for your existing Agitation & Mixing systems and will recommend suitable alternative to optimize the power and mixing requirements. Attached is the data sheet for your ready reference.

CONTACT J.M.E for the following:

  • New Agitator Requirement/Recommendation
  • Retrofitting of impeller geometry to the existing reactor for desired process results
  • Optimization of mixing based on the process requirement
  • Optimization of yield/batch time/heat transfer/mass transfer etc.
  • Energy efficient impellers for power saving
  • Specialized impellers for Gas Dispersion (Hydrogenation/Fermentation)
  • Specialized geometry for high viscosity application (Polymerization etc.)
  • Crystallization with improved crystal shapes and size
  • Reactor with solid/slurry contents

Impeller Technology

The key to an efficient mixing system is the impeller. For each application there is an ideal impeller. J.M.E has decades of experience in fluid mixing, and uniquely placed to offer effective solutions for all application areas. J.M.E’s commitment to mixing application has helped to create a unique, modern, spectrum of impellers, which meet the needs of processes accurately and efficiently. J.M.E’s mixers range from fractional kW through to the hundreds of kW to suit application requirement. The use of J.M.E impellers has generated lower capital and operating costs for many customers.

Impeller Selection

Mixing is the key to process design. Impeller selection is a key to mixer design. How impellers convert energy into fluid motion is fundamental to their ability to provide a predictable process result.

All the energy (P) applied by any mixing impeller produces a pumping effect (Q) and a velocity head (H), so that P α QH A knowledge of how this balance of energy distribution can change with impeller geometry is fundamental to mixer design. J.M.E has used its extensive knowledge of impeller fluid mechanics to recommend a variety of efficient, process specific, impellers.

Comparison Basis

Parameter SHF PBT
Np .3 1.25
Np .5 .7
Speed 60 RPM 42 RPM
Diameter 1 1
Flow 1 1
Power 1 1.5
Q/P 1 .66
Torque 1 2.13

JM Engineers

Our Guiding Principles

The primary activity and the core strength of JM ZCEL is manufacturing FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic or Polymer) Storage tanks and Reaction Vessels. Whereas majority of the competitors use the traditional hand lay-up method for manufacturing FRP tanks, JM ZCEL uses two fold automatic process of 1) unique innovative spray-up stage and 2) Superfast and reliable CNC Filament Winding stage.